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  • Source and discover products from leading suppliers
  • Discover product launches, innovations and future technologies
  • Learn from the industry's experts in seminars & workshops
  • Stay competitive in a global industry
  • Save time, see all of your suppliers across 3 days

    New for 2019 is an improved layout with exhibitors grouped into aftermarket and vehicle production halls as well as the The Big UK Garage Event, helping you to find the most relevant suppliers for your business.

What's New For 2019




  • Retail Accessories Village
  • Commercial Vehicle Showcase
  • Aftermarket Seminars
  • Automechanika Connect
  • Keynote Panels

The Big UK Garage Event


  • Garage Equipment Showcase
  • Bodyshop Zone
  • CPD Accredited Training
  • Remanufacturing Showcase
  • Workshop Training Hub
  • Technical Talks
  • Automechanika Body & Paint World Championships

Vehicle Production


  • Future Mobility & Innovation Hub, sponsored by DIT
  • Brexit Readiness Seminars
  • Vehicle Production Seminars
  • Industry Forum Workshops
  • SMMT Events: Open Forum & Meet the Buyer

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  • “The highlight for me has been getting 7 or 8 meetings done in day which has saved me about a week of travelling, there are a lot more suppliers and more diversity than before."
    Stephen Burrows, Managing Director, Impex Parts
    Managing Director, Impex Parts
  • “It’s an opportunity to meet our suppliers all in one location and see what’s new in the industry and generally catch up on things. We’ve seen some innovative products and caught up with some people and there is still so much more to see”
    Richard Shortis, The Shortis Group
  • "Just the fact that there is such an eclectic mix of companies and suppliers, products and parts, so there is bound to be something here that will be of interest here that might help our fleet."
    Gary Harriso, Senior Manager, BT Fleet


What's on?

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