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6 - 8 June 2017, NEC Birmingham

VirtualPaint® (Canescens BV)

Stand: 18E4
VirtualPaint™ virtual painter training system.

VirtualPaint combines our proprietary software with state-of-the-art tracking hardware and a real (customized) spray gun to create an on-screen virtual environment for spray painter training. The realism and functionality of the system are uncanny and can best be compared to simulator airline pilot training.
  • VirtualPaint® (Canescens BV)
  • VirtualPaint® (Canescens BV)


VirtualPaint® Canescens BV Lansinkesweg 4 7553 AE Hengelo Netherlands



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Automotive training materials, Management & Digital Solutions, Bodywork specialists, Painters, Vocational training and advanced training (mechanics, mechatronics, car body construction, painting, sales, training)

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Aftermarket & Supply Chain

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Passenger & Commercial

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